About Us

Hi!  I’m Danna and this is my blog.  I’m in my late 40’s, I’ve been married to my husband for 20 years.  I’m the mother of two young boys and the stepmother of a 20 something woman.  5 years ago we moved to the Phoenix area from the Seattle area, in the middle of the summer.  Walking out of my house in the summer feels a bit like walking into my oven.  Hence the title of my blog…life inside my oven.  Here is a list of random things about me:

Until I was 42 years old I lived within a 25 square miles my entire life.

I grew up on a 15 mile long by 5 mile wide, water locked island, without a bridge.

My husband picked me up on a date with another guy, that I didn’t know that I was on.

I met my husband in High School, and we dated in high school, but we are not the stereotypical “high school sweethearts”

We moved to Phoenix to care for my Mother in Law and my late Father in Law who both had Alzheimer’s

I homeschool our boys

I love fresh raspberries

I love seafood

I love to read

I love most all Asian foods

I’m an introvert, who built a very extroverted career

I’ve owned several businesses

I like bookkeeping, budgeting, and doing taxes.

I don’t like avocados or watercress

I struggled with infertility

I had my kids when I was 38 and 40.

I like to cook

I have no fashion sense what-so-ever, same with decorating.

I run, I don’t love it, but I do it.

I love to exercise in general

I’ve run a half marathon…at Disneyland

I sew

I worked as a headhunter for many years

I write a great resume and do a good interview

I like dogs and cats

I’m terrified on snakes